I am Amanda reed. I am a born photographer. You should know that I believe photography is only my platform to help inspire and encourage others. During this small window of time I want to help you to embrace the beauty that god blessed you with. I want you to laugh…hard, ugly belly laughs and feel confident doing so. I want you to leave my studio with not only great images but renewed confidence in yourself and a desire to dream bigger. I believe that is my purpose.

My studio is located in the beautiful mountains of Greenbrier County in the small town of Rainelle, West Virginia.  I love this area and I am sure you will to. We have many options available in our indoor studio and our favorite on location spots. I am available for travel to your home and property for an additional fee. Please note, you must have written permission from landowners for me to photograph on property that you do not own. Unfortunately the saturation of the photography market has limited our ability to shoot freely on public land and urban locations, business owners have been overwhelmed with photographers on their sidewalks, standing near their business entrances and local police are not fond of photographing on busy streets and highways due to public safety concerns and I am a photographer who abides by those wishes and laws. A note about railroad tracks, while it is a popular choice for high school seniors it is entirely against the law. Not only can I be prosecuted and fined but they can confiscate all of my gear and equipment and that is a risk I cannot take.

If you are a photographer or organization I am available to speak and teach at your events, at personal workshops I will be hosting in 2o14 (Brave with Amanda Reed) watch for those announcements. I am not the photographer on a platform speaking to you about photography only to not respond to emails or phone calls. I am here to help you reach your balance, to inspire and motivate. Feel free to get in touch.

I am dedicated above all else to my family and the good of my own soul. My availability is very limited. Please book 4 weeks in advance.